Last night must be the worst Friday Night of all Japanese people. I presume myriad bodies has been staying awake the whole night, dealing with the effect of the disaster and being prepared for the upcoming aftershock. More corpses were found and the number is seemingly increasing.

Hope nothing go worse and also believe Japan will be quickly recovered from the severe wound. Even though Japan is not my homeland, yet I love this beautiful country and their people. The trip to Japan with my family last April impressed me a lot and it remains fresh in my mind. I will pray for the better tomorrow!

In this connection, I would like to give this song for all Japaneses are are facing the hard time. Please don’t give up!


First time on FaceTime

Last night was my first experience on FaceTime. I received a call from my friend who has just bought iPhone 4 last night, asking me to test the FaceTime. I have iPhone for a month but never used this feature before.

I activated it and waited for her call. She called me a few minutes later, and it almost failed because I forgot to turn on wifi. After connecting with wifi, the FaceTime button appeared available, and we can talked and saw the face of one another.  However, I personally think the picture quality isn’t that good thanks to the low-resolution front camera. It was nice experience, anyway. I was impressed with the FaceTime.


I’m back to my blog! But…I regret telling you I have no story to share this time. As you can see, the blog is less and less updated as time goes by.

Blog used to me my major channel to share stories, ideas, points of view, and whatever. Today, the world has a host of Web 2.0 like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so many. So I choose to update this blog only if I had to explain things  in more detail.

Nothing much to write today except informing you guys that this blog will still be alive but hardly updated.

Is it an iPhone?

It was the night after I too the finals that I went to Klong Thom after the mini gathering at Siam Square. It was a rainy evening, but I struggled to keep up my plan, and I was fortunate that I could tag along with my friend who got the car.

There were more vendors than I figured out. So surprised to see they were not discouraged by the showering rain. The night market was bustling as ever. I started my business, searching for the DVDs. I got three in total. No they are not the pirate but copy-right ones.

You can find any kind of stuff here even iPhone 4? Yes, iPhone 4 but a clone version. I saw many bought, and I wonder if they knew those are fakes. After the herd of people was dispersed, I pretended to be curious, playing the device and asking for the price. “2,700 Baht,” said the vendor. “It is iPhone 4.” I nodded my head, and he still bragged the list of its features, such as, TV, two sim cards, and whatever. I returned it and he still kept offering me with the price at 2,500 Baht, and finally 2,100 Baht. He said it was such a super special price. I however said thanks politely and left.

Do I look so naïve that they dared deceive me? They probably think I can’t distinguish between the genuine and the copycat. I don’t mind what they sell but please at least tell your customers that it is copy, and they then can present your products with your persuasive speech or whatever. Either way, I feel like they do the swindle.

Public speaking

Speaking is the skill I feel uncomfortable most. So, needless to say about the public speaking.

I joined the public speaking workshop a couple of days ago, and found it is not only me who fear the public speaking. To me, the public speaking is like a bungee jump. I have to overcome our fear and be bold to present. Only speaking seems okay, but it requires some other techniques to keep the audience with us. I am not naturally self-confident, and I have to build up many characteristics for the public speaking.

Fortunately, I was not picked to do the speaking thanks to the limited time. This workshop is in fact designed for teachers, but why didn’t they come out to practice? When the trainer called for a volunteer, they just looked in the eyes of each other and smiled. They would not do unless they were chosen. How could they train their students then?

Imai Miki

Imai Miki is the latest one added to my favorite artists. I met her first time in the song Piece of my wish on Youtube. Like Izumi Sakai (ZARD), she doesn’t need elegant outfits or modern dancing, but she still looks endearing to me. Miki-san’s super sweet voice is so amazing and it becomes her signature.

Again, don’t think she is the young-blood as she made her first debut in 1986.  (One year just before I was born, Ooh!) Reading up to this line, you perhaps think I am weird, preferring only those aged songsters. Hmmm, I think they are the genuine artists and classic! Let’s try and you may fall in love with her voice.

Airport Link

Two months ago, Bangkokians proudly presented a new rapid transportation service, Airport Train.

The idea to connect Airport Link with BTS (Phaya Thai Station) gives commutors a convenint route to travel from dontown to the remote aiport. It will be more ideal if we have a bridge connecting Airport Link with BTS.

Until the moment of this writing, we have to go down from the BTS and then again go up the Airport Link. I don’t mind this as long as we have an escalator. However, please don’t expect to drag your luggage and walk in beauty as if you were a flight attendant. You will never do that thanks to the bumpy and ugly pavement. Even in the rainny day, you may get to exercise your brain finding the way how to elude the flooding.

Come on! Please take some action, government. Load of expat tourists and business people always walk on this way daily!