4th Year

While most teenagers are crazy about K-pop, I happen to go against the mainstream with J-pop. It is not because I want to be outstanding or something, but it is absolutely my personal preference. I have listened to J-pop for a few years even though I don’t get the their translations. They sound smart and have distinct characteristics for some reasons. Recently, I got to listen to some more J-pop singers, but my topmost artist remains intact–yes, I’m talking about ZARD.

Izumi Sakai

ZARD or Izumi Sakai is not like other singers I have known. Her song, style, and personality are all that could not be easily found. Unfortunately, I was her pukka fan only three years before she left me for good.

The afternoon of May 27 four years ago was the moment I learned I would no longer hear her new songs.  Even though Izumi-san has passed away since 2007, her songs are still the valuable assets for a number of fans. Her masterpiece Makenaide remains a key role in encouraging the those in trouble. For instance, the Japaneses enduring the consequence of the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011.

And yet, Wezard never stops. Some ZARD movements have been continuously launched after her death. In 2011, Wezard releases a special album, featuring all of her singles, and three more live DVDs, ZARD What a beautiful memory 2007, 2008, and 2009.

So far, it has been four years since she passed away.  Her songs never fade away with the passage of time. Thank you for your inspiration.


New Door

Life is like a new door. We always have to open the new door and walk toward it. Noboday knows what else are waiting behind the door we choose to open but…of course, we will have to get through it.

Atarashii Door
Words by Sakai Izumi (ZARD)

Toori ame no naka de
Dakishimeta kimi no nukumori
Mada kono mune ni ima mo nokotte iru yo
Nami ni yurarenagara
Naite iru dake no yoru ni sa-yo-na-ra

Kuchibue fuita ano kaerimichi
Zutto yuuyake oikaketa

Haruka na mirai eto
Atarashii DOA wo ake
Ugoki hajimeta chokkan ga iku michi wo kimeru
Ano fuyu no himawari
Mada hitori de yaresou da yo

Aisuru hito yo
Ima doko de nemutte imasu ka? sweet pain
Eien ni tori modosenai ano kisetsu

Soto wa konna ni harete iru noni
Kimi no rinkaku wa boyaketa mama
Mujaki ni waraiau
Ano sora wa yume no naka

Ano toki mienakatta koto ga
Ima sukoshi zutsu wakari hajimete iru yo

Sugoi kenka shite nakidashite hitori
Saki ni kaetta ano nagisa

Hikaru natsu ni umareta
Atarashii kaze wo uke
Mabushii sora wo ikutsu mo koete ikitai

Namae nanka shiranakutemo
Karui JOOKU de waraeta ne
Ano nakama tachi mata issho ni ikou yo
I remember sweet memories
Okashii noni nazeka namida ga deta yo

Haruka na mirai eto
Atarashii DOA wo ake
Ugoki hajimeta chokkan ga iku michi wo kimeru
Ano fuyu no himawari
Mada hitori de yaresou da yo

Aisuru hito yo
Ima doko de nemutte imasu ka? sweet pain
Eien ni tori modosenai ano kisetsu

Toori ame no naka de
Dakishimeta kimi no nukumori
Mada kono mune ni ima mo nokotte iru yo

A bit more, a bit longer

These two images were captured from ZARD What a beautiful memory DVD. I always feel dreary whenever these scenes appear during her performance of Mou Sukoshi Ato Sukoshi… (もう少し あと少し…).  I am even sadder after I read the translation. Her voice goes very well with the song. Everything is well-supported. All these make me completely into the song.

The lyric narrates the sorrow of broken-heart woman who wishes to stay with the one she loves a bit longer. I seem to share her feel, for I wish Izumi-san could stay with us longer.

Rest in peace…I miss you.

My best DVD

Finally, I get the legit ZARD What a beautiful moment DVD! Previously, I had watched the record from the file downloaded from the Internet and pirate DVD. Not good for real fan after all, is it? The legit one does impress me as its sound and picture quality are more superior than that of illegal one. Also, the DVD package is more elaborately-made. It’s worth buying! I should have bought it since its early releasing date.

I had never bought any copied-right DVD and this one is the first DVD which I bought with my own income. What is more proud is I bought this DVD with my hand. (It was when I went to Japan in the beginning of April.) I fortunately found it in Tsutaya locating in Shinjuku. Thanks God! It’s still left.

Honestly, I felt rather excited as I handed a paper showing the info of DVD I printed from the Internet, thinking what would I respond if they ask for more info because I can’t speak Japanese after all. Finally, they picked it somewhere behind the counter, and I was very happy see it.

Thinking back, I am such a crazy fan. Am I?

ZARD 45th Single “Sunao ni Ienakute”

Regular Edition 1,050 Yen (tax in)

Limited Edition 1,260 Yen (tax in)

Tracks list
1. Sunao ni Ienakute ~featuring Mai Kuraki~
2. hypnosis
3. Sunao ni Ienakute (Instrumental)
4. hypnosis (Instrumental)

ZARD is releasing another post-death single “Sunao ni Ienakute” on May 27, 2009. The single is made up of four tracks, Sunao ni Ienakute featuring with Mai Kuraki, hypnosis, and the two instrumental tracks. It will be available in two versions; the regular edition will cost 1,050 Yen (tax in), while the limited one will cost 1,260 Yen (tax in) including a live DVD.

As for my prediction, the two songs is probably rearranged just like what the company did in the previous products.


I have never writed any thing about ZARD in this blog. If you are interested to know what ZARD is, just simply visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZARD.

Walking back to a table, one of my friend asked me “How Izumi-san died?” I then explained everything I read from the news that it was an accident. This question brought back my feeling on the first day I learned the news. I still remember the moment I visited the forum and found it. Some might think it was not an accident, but a suicide. For me, I think it was an accident because I know she could never do such a thing like that. I do not believe the person who had a plan to release a new album, hold a concert in the late 2007 would commit suicide. The thing made me confident it is an accident is that the diary of the patient who was treated in the same hospital as Izumi-san was.

Here is a summary of the message written by that patient
The female patient is a divorced mother of one child and has a daily routine of talking a walk together with several other people in the early morning, to see the sunrise. One early morning day, she suddenly noticed Izumi among the other people. But since there were so many people she didn’t get a chance to speak Izumi. It’s only after the walk when they go to the emergency stairs where she could chat with Izumi, while watching the sunrise together. Not long thereafter the patient’s condition worsened, preventing her from taking her daily walk. And because Izumi didn’t see her for a few days, she went to visit her in her room. It was then that Izumi sang Makenaide for her to cheer her up. The patient is originally a Glay fan and wasn’t so much interested in ZARD. But upon hearing Izumi’s wondeful voice, that gave her courage to live on, she became an instant fan. She concludes by saying that because Izumi was such a kindhearted person, her fans must be all wonderful people too. This all was posted using the nickname: “Mama who gets courage to live”.

I am no longer depressed since she left us a lot, like a beautiful songs and memory. I listen to her songs almost every day. Her songs always fill up my energy. They help me a lot when I was weary or stressful.

May you rest in peace

Don’t be
dismayed at good-byes.
A farewell is necessary before
you can meet again.

And meeting again,
after moments or lifetimes,
is certain for those
who are friends.

Richard Bach
Illusions, The Adventure of a Reluctant Messiah