I bumped into this ironic illustration. It can’t be denied that Photoshop is an indispensable tool in photo processing. You can be beautified within a few minutes!


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Timeless Guy

The video above is so touched! I heard the song sometimes on Truevision but never willingly listened to it (usually moveed to other channel or turned my face to computer screen and kept chatting). I had a chance to watch the whole video and, franky, I was nearly in tear. I’m into the tune.

The song is featured by Wan AF2 and the lyric is based on the true story. The guy who are still waiting his spouse who always lies on the bed due to Cerebral aneurysm. Thus, time is meanigless to the man as he doesn’t care how long he has to wait fro his love one to come back. (Some of you might get to read the complete story from forward mail.)

Here is the translation…

Timeless Guy
I still keep the past in mind.
I’m still loving you as always.
All memories are yet vanished.
The sound of tender laugh.

You know, that’s hurt. I feel like doing nothing.
Don’t want to hurt others’ feeling.
Am I not ready to have a new one?
I prefer to wait for you as always.

*Do you feel like coming back?
Is it too lonely?
I remain here, letting the time goes by
Because I can’t forget you anyway.

There’s nothing new.
For the timless guy, even though if it is the year dot
Just another day I get up and breathe
And to get ready to keep waiting for you.

You know, I’m wearied, feel like doing nothing.
Don’t want to love anyone.
Am I not ready to have a new one?
I prefer to love you as always.


I wish all my beautiful memories wouldn’t be gone.
But you probably forget as soon as you have a new one.
There may be a condition of time
But it is different from my heart
That will keep waiting for you as always.

I remain here.
Letting the time goes by.
I can’t forget you anyway.


It’s the most touched song of this year. And I wish the miracle would occur.

They think…

I came across this item while I was rambling in It greatly reflects the attitudes of many people in these days.Even if you do the good thing, people are still capable of criticizing you. So, pay no heed to them and do whatever you think it is right.