Khao Tha

The buzz:  Standing on the brim of Chao Phraya River next to Thewet Pier, the wooden restaurant looks chic and outstanding for those who get off from a passenger liner.

The decor:  The neon of various booze on the wall all around the eatery, the frame of lomography photos and the LCD screen on the wall displaying either movies or soccer. The secret weapon is you will see the perfect night view of the Rama VIII bridge as a background if you sit at the tables near the river. Anyway, be aware of the school of fish as they will sometimes splash up the water from the river below.

The music:  Radio hits and musician will be on small stage about 7.30PM.

The crowd:  Teenage drinkers and some wearied office workers.

The price:  B90-B250/dish


Overall rating: 3.5/5


Go Mango!

At the moment, we could see lots of eating spots presenting the menu made from mango. I’m one of the types who love mango and cannot resist eating it. Well, this entry is just a mini review on mango ice-cream.

What: Mango Scoop by Swesensen’s
How: The mango ice-cream is wiped out annually at Swesensen’s, and you can have it as a sundae or scoop.
The verdict: The best mango ice-cream at this moment. It tastes like mango and a little but cream, yet the bad thing is it is a bit pricy.
Price: Starting at B39/scoop

What: Mango Sticky Rice by Dairy Queen
How: Just like other ordinary blizzard, the milky cream is blended with ripe mango and topped with the green sticky rice.
The verdict: It tastes like the mix between mango and milk and its price is pocket-friendly.
Price: B25

What: Amazing Mango Sundae by KFC
How: The milky ice-cream topped with mango in syrupy mango and green sticky rice.
The verdict: It isn’t like what it presents in the banner after all, and it is too sweet.
Price: B32

***This review is just a personal thought.