Home Away

Life is always filled with the unexpected. Who would imagine one day I have to be away from my home this long. It was due to the devastating flood in in Bangkok last year. The water started to creep to Bangkok, but, like many other Bangkokians, I had never thought our beloved home would be submerged. (Outer) Bangkok was entirely under water!

It was the Wednesday 26, 2011 night that my home was attacked by the flood. The water kept increasing gradually the whole night. Eventually, in the morning all decided to evacuated to the safe place. We escaped timely and the road was cut off by the worst flood soon after we left. It was the worst nightmare I ever had, and I suddenly realized the power of natural disaster. There were so many hurdles we had to overcome during our escape, such as my sick grandmother and the naughty dog.

All were settled soon, but the nightmare had yet ended after the flood had gone. Home was badly damaged. The entire first floor needs to be reconstructed. It is expected to take at least three months from now on to be back home.

Now, it has been almost three months that I am staying with my dad and will see my mom and aunt at the rent room near my home on weekend only. Grand mom is staying at an elderly center, while the dog is left with my relatives in Nakhon Sawan. To be honest without being shy, sometimes I want to cry out. I do miss home a lot, and I truly believe the saying “No place is like home”. Look forward to returning and staying home with all members again soon! ;(


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