4th Year

While most teenagers are crazy about K-pop, I happen to go against the mainstream with J-pop. It is not because I want to be outstanding or something, but it is absolutely my personal preference. I have listened to J-pop for a few years even though I don’t get the their translations. They sound smart and have distinct characteristics for some reasons. Recently, I got to listen to some more J-pop singers, but my topmost artist remains intact–yes, I’m talking about ZARD.

Izumi Sakai

ZARD or Izumi Sakai is not like other singers I have known. Her song, style, and personality are all that could not be easily found. Unfortunately, I was her pukka fan only three years before she left me for good.

The afternoon of May 27 four years ago was the moment I learned I would no longer hear her new songs.  Even though Izumi-san has passed away since 2007, her songs are still the valuable assets for a number of fans. Her masterpiece Makenaide remains a key role in encouraging the those in trouble. For instance, the Japaneses enduring the consequence of the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011.

And yet, Wezard never stops. Some ZARD movements have been continuously launched after her death. In 2011, Wezard releases a special album, featuring all of her singles, and three more live DVDs, ZARD What a beautiful memory 2007, 2008, and 2009.

So far, it has been four years since she passed away.  Her songs never fade away with the passage of time. Thank you for your inspiration.


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