Is it an iPhone?

It was the night after I too the finals that I went to Klong Thom after the mini gathering at Siam Square. It was a rainy evening, but I struggled to keep up my plan, and I was fortunate that I could tag along with my friend who got the car.

There were more vendors than I figured out. So surprised to see they were not discouraged by the showering rain. The night market was bustling as ever. I started my business, searching for the DVDs. I got three in total. No they are not the pirate but copy-right ones.

You can find any kind of stuff here even iPhone 4? Yes, iPhone 4 but a clone version. I saw many bought, and I wonder if they knew those are fakes. After the herd of people was dispersed, I pretended to be curious, playing the device and asking for the price. “2,700 Baht,” said the vendor. “It is iPhone 4.” I nodded my head, and he still bragged the list of its features, such as, TV, two sim cards, and whatever. I returned it and he still kept offering me with the price at 2,500 Baht, and finally 2,100 Baht. He said it was such a super special price. I however said thanks politely and left.

Do I look so naïve that they dared deceive me? They probably think I can’t distinguish between the genuine and the copycat. I don’t mind what they sell but please at least tell your customers that it is copy, and they then can present your products with your persuasive speech or whatever. Either way, I feel like they do the swindle.


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