Wild Bangkok

The long-lasting political deadlock in Thailand brings load of effects to our life. We pay more for transportation, spend more time to travel between office and home, or fortunately (or unfortunately) don’t have to work. The situation seemed to get worse last night. Today should have been my non-working day but I had to accompany my boss to the conference in Muang Thong Thani. I may sound no exciting to you; however, what if I had to go to pick him up on Wireless Road?

There was nothing till the van was going to move up on the bridge. The group of red-shirted guards [I presumed.] glanced into the vehicle. They let us pass. I lifted up the mobile to photograph but it was blurred because of the crappy phone camera. Grrr! Wireless Road was not accessible from the regular entrance. We had to go through narrow alley, and finally completed our mission in the morning.

Seeing off my boss at home was such an exciting experience. At that time, the Wireless Road was a no-go area, but we couldn’t elude. Having got off from the express way, I saw a big group of motorcycles stopped and starred at something. It must be something wrong. I noticed the dark smoke folding up from the middle of the bridge. I was shocked and a bit scared. We had to take another way, but again it was blocked by the truck, still we eventually got on the Wireless Road, anyway. The diplomatic was street eerily quite, and the while line looked spooky. No people, no car but a few red-shirted protesters standing in front of their fierce bamboo fence. It was definitely a war zone.

It was such a relief once I was already away from the centre of Bangkok. It is now a  very dangerous locale to be.


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