My best DVD

Finally, I get the legit ZARD What a beautiful moment DVD! Previously, I had watched the record from the file downloaded from the Internet and pirate DVD. Not good for real fan after all, is it? The legit one does impress me as its sound and picture quality are more superior than that of illegal one. Also, the DVD package is more elaborately-made. It’s worth buying! I should have bought it since its early releasing date.

I had never bought any copied-right DVD and this one is the first DVD which I bought with my own income. What is more proud is I bought this DVD with my hand. (It was when I went to Japan in the beginning of April.) I fortunately found it in Tsutaya locating in Shinjuku. Thanks God! It’s still left.

Honestly, I felt rather excited as I handed a paper showing the info of DVD I printed from the Internet, thinking what would I respond if they ask for more info because I can’t speak Japanese after all. Finally, they picked it somewhere behind the counter, and I was very happy see it.

Thinking back, I am such a crazy fan. Am I?


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