Endless chaos

Before reading this entry, please be noted that I am not red, yellow, blue, pink, or whatever. I am color-blind.

I consider myself the one who pays little attention to politics. Catching such news is unavoidable as it involves with my current job and our lives. At this point, I feel terribly bored with the endless political chaos in Thailand.

The red-shirted movement kicked off about a few weeks ago, and it has been going on while I am typing this piece of writing. It was originally boasted to be a non-violence demonstration, yet I do not see it is what they declared after all–seizing Phan Fha Intersection and the whole Rajdamnoen Avenue, splashing the blood in front of the Government House of Thailand, bombing, and marching around Bangkok on weekends. Two negotiations between red-shirted leaders and the government failed. If the third time could be made, please do not televise it. I bet it would give the same outcome, and it wastes our valuable time for soap opera and sitcom. Oh, we need to say thanks for this negotiation, for it invented a new trendy vocab—Weng: a blockhead.

Yesterday, the red shirts declared a war against people in pink who start anti-violence campaign. So pink is considered harmful. What is the next color to be prohibited? The red shirt still went ahead to the US Embassy in order to pass the letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton, hoping to ask help from the US. Sorry man, I don’t think US has time to aid us since they are currently striving for their Health Care Reform.

Today, the situation is even worse when the red shirts hold Ratprasong Intersection resulting the neighboring shopping malls and shops closed. It is estimated that the total financial damage is 200 Million Baht, more or less.

I don’t say they have no right to protest for the true democracy as you bragged. (We all know you do this for your proud boss who sipping a cup of joe while enjoying the riot from monitor.) However, please do not bring any trouble to us. What you are doing now is just similar to what the yellow did last year at the airport. You are ruining the economy.

If the red shirts achieve their goal, the yellow will be back. How on earth could we escape from the vicious circle?


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