Samyan Market

Of all many well-known ancient markets in Bangkok, Samyan Market is definitely included in the list for its long history and ideal location. The market remains but it was overhauled last year as time goes by. My friend and I took a wintry-like day to go over the historic quarter. To my first sight, the outer looks rather modernized and groomed. The ground floor is set to be a fresh-food market which is made up of various vendors, selling all kinds of eating like what can be found in other markets–fresh veggie, meat, Thai dessert, fruits, flowers, and that sort of things, while the upper floor is entirely dominated by steak houses. Correct! Only steak shops on the spacious second floor.

Samyan Steak

There are long lines and rows of tables, and I was just following my friend who knows where we were supposed to seat and eat–Uan-Phom Steak (Fat and Slim Steak). There are good selections of food at reasonable prices. Unlike most restaurants, the dishes were bigger than that I saw from the illustrations in the food list album. The steak tastes fairly good and it could make me skip the dinner. It still keeps me full until now.

Owing to the limited of time, I did not stroll around to explore the whole market and neighboring area. There are some interesting old shops standing close to the market where you will surely lose some money in your pocket for them. I missed Tonkok Cake as it has re-located to somewhere. Seems, I will have to set my time available to return there sooner or later.

We decided to go with a bottle of 1.25-liter Pepsi thanks to the raging thirst. We felt gassy after a fews glasses, still finally forced each other to swallow the whole remainder. And it is likely to be me who took more gulps.

And I was responsible for the rest.


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