The phone

In the age of the plethora of smart phones, the into-gadgeted like me can’t miss to have one. There are plenty of smart phones available in the market, and most striking ones seem to be iPhone and Black Berry. Considering my use, Black Berry failed as I don’t like chatting or keeping myself online around the clock. I don’t mind the keyboard but I feel it is no use to stay connected. Doing so on PC wastes my time enough. iPhone is smart and stylish, but, too bad, it is too pricey to me. So, my choices were narrowed to only Windows Mobile and Android. Windows Mobile is long-developed and compatible with load of applications; however, it has the notorious of errors when it simultaneously runs applications. Its function is rather complicate. So, I don’t have to mention what I opted for.

I don’t care for those who brag my device is not worth buying. My mobile is incapable of connecting via 3G, yet I’m satisfied with it. 3G remains far perfect in Thailand. Even though it could be, I will hardly use it thanks to the unreasonable prices. It will take quite a long journey till it makes sense to me. (I mean till the 3G fee drops thanks to the competition among network operators.) I think I would have brought a new mobile by that time. I never feel upset with my buddy, for it perfectly fits my demand. I’m too tired to follow the IT industry in every minute.


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