A countless-told story

The story that I am telling hereafter might have been told countless times. I believe lots of people also share this fate. As making my way on the same path to my home two hours ago, I was tapped on the shoulder by a sweaty guy. I asked me to stop and listen to him for a while. And I did. He the asked, “Where is McDonald near Satreewidhaya School?”. I quickly explained where it is. It is pretty far from here. Then, he asked if I could give him a hand, claiming that his car was brokendown near the EENT. Hospital, he was from Phuket, his whole belongings were left in the car, and he had to see his friend there. He asked for money! He promised to pay back ten times as much as I lent him. Honestly, the hope to be reimbursed never squats in my head even though he said he was not the poor. He kept drooling that he was not a hawk, not the mad, and not a beggar; he was well-to-do enough.

At last, I finally decided to donate him 20 Baht which is ample to get there by bus. It was not because I was greedy but sympathetic. He then said thank you but did not ask my mobile number (in order to pay me back as his promise; how would he find me then?). I think I was trapped. There are a large number of similar cases in our society. This was the second time that I experienced such incident; they will not certainly get me next time. Conversely, if he is not a liar, I will be happy that I could build a positive attitude towards Bangkokians in his mind. After this, don’t say we are selfish.


One Response to A countless-told story

  1. sevenfiguremusic says:

    That is not so bad, my friend.
    I get those stories every day in Vancouver, Canada!

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