Please, we need no tunnel!

Beginning since last month, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (MBA) kicked off the project to build the tunnel at Baromraj Chonnanee intersection and Samyaek Fai Chai–Thonburi region. I bet a lot of people in neighboring area are in doubt why the Gove does this. We regularly do not have so heavy a traffic that the tunnel is needed. If you ask me, I can abruptly say back, “I don’t second this project.” Likewise, many keep raising hell over the construction of both tunnels. Going to work this morning,  I saw the rude messages painted on several pieces of white cloth deploring the tunnel construction. I know it is far late to abort it, but may I leave some questions for the plan maker?

Dear BMA,

Have you seen the outcome of your silly decision? Do you know many people get distressed thanks to the advent of tunnel? Did you do the public hearing before you go with the project? I know you do not care. This project is the way to generate money for your pocket! We rather need the BTS extension, not rubbish underpass.


The tunnel is being constructed at Baromraj Chonnanee intersection.

The construction will surely cause more traffic. What’s more terrible is the trees on street isle are cut down. That means the little space left in Bangkok is diminished by the hand of those who encourage us to plant more trees for our Green Bangkok. Such a paradox practice!


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