Android hurts me!

I have been using Anroid OS for nearly a month. I really enjoy it, especially the smart searching function. However, this is the fist time it disappoints me. Way back to last Sunday, I picked up the phone, connected to the Internet via EDGE to search for something but the device suddenly turned itself off due to the low battery. I thought the connection was totally cut off thereafter.

At home, I re-charged the battery, turned the phone on, and left it on the table. I found many scores of messages sent from the mobile network provider warning the balance was insufficient! (I’m using pre-paid.) I was so shocked, and I later noticed the GPRD/EDGE connection remained active. I turned it off thinking the phone must be too smart. It automatically retrieved the previous setting just before it was electrical-free.

Fortunately, it was only about 50 Baht. I must be more careful next time. I heard a multitude of smart phone users have to pay for such a thing. The new generation of smart phone is generally designed for the Internet connection.


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