Best innovation of decade!

Technology is fast developed over the past ten years. A multitude of devices and software were born but the notable among them are, Windows XP, ADSL Internet, Google, and iPhone. They are nominated in the best innovation of decade vote in I admit they play a pivotal role in the globalized world. Which one touches you most? Me? I gave my vote to Google. Here is my idea for each.

Windows XP: Another big leap of Microsoft Windows, Windows XP gains a lot of positive feedback at its start thanks to its beautiful interface and much-enhanced system. It eventually replaces the outdated OS (Windows 98) and brings overwhelming success to Microsoft before they blew up with Windows Vista in 2006. It is true that a mass of computers run Windows XP but several geeks recently turn to Mac, Ubuntu, or other free open sources.

ADSL Internet: The dream of downloading Korean series within few hours comes true when the hi-speed internet becomes a commonplace. We don’t remember exactly when we put a dial-up modem on shelf. ADSL plays a large part in computer-dominated era. It largely changes our online habit and it could be considered as the beginning of countless beneficial services, such as, video conference, social network, cloud computing, online game, P2P, and many more. Despite the long establishment of hi-speed connection, it has yet covered the whole remote area. Lots of people still keep to 56K speed.

iPhone: The latest gadget from Apple, iPhone, gains much attention from mobile market and even provokes the smart phone revolution. Yes, it means we are no longer monopolized with Windows Mobile which drives us crazy every time it creased. iPhone isn’t just a phone but it is also a fashion! iPhone is usually considered as a leading player when compared with other phones. However, the short period as of its debut can’t prove much. We’d better wait and see.

Google: From the little-know search engine, Google made their long way to be the spearhead in IT industry. Not only its genius search engine, Google also unleashes a variety of  free services, namely, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Map, Google Document, Google Chrome, Picasa, Youtube, and the latest products, Android and Nexus One which believed to receive much popularity. Now, Google is even working on its own operating system–Chrome OS. Their products are smart and free. So, Google deserves my vote as the best innovation of decade for the reason that we all can’t live without it. Can you surf the Internet without a single visit to


2 Responses to Best innovation of decade!

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  2. bizard says:

    Oh, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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