Crowded Christmas

Christmas is another international season that Thai people also snatch this opportunity to celebrate. In fact, we celebrate all occasion whether American, Chinese, and Thai owns. Hence, it should not be surprised to see lots of people were going out to have a party with friends or to photograph the street embellished with lights in the city. To be honest, it was my first time that I went out at such a special night.

Siam Center in Christmas night

The Siam Center area was not hectic after all, not until Siam Paragon. Both footpath and sky walking were thronged with night goers. We had to walk through the flood of people and I started to ponder if we would have a space to take a photo like a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be as I had predicted. I hardly hit the shutter, for I felt it was uneasy to take photos in such a status quo. I was so amazed to see people flooded into the city to celebrate for Christmas. New Year Count Down is coming and it must be more jam-packed!

We spent our time there less than I expected and we were all got defeated, agreeing to get home. Anyway, at least, I could have dinner with friends and got some (though not good enough) photos back. I was not disappointed after all.


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