Olympus Trip 35

I have been away from this blog for a while. Life is so-so, nothing to update since last Saturday. It was my latest attempt to drag myself to Klongthom after I had been disappointed with it throughout rainy season. I meant to drop by Saphan Lek to look for a new wallet but I had to be upset again thanks to its price. Not expensive but I expect it cheaper than this. So, I turned to Klongthom instead.

There were lots of vendors all over the place as usual. You know, this night market always makes me bahtless. So did this time. Yes, I got a wallet, priced B200. It looks good enough. My mission should have ended here but it was not. I kept walking through the crowd and ended up paying for sunglasses and new shoulder bag. (There were plenty of goods I wanted to get as always.) Before leaving, I accidentally set my eyes on an old camera Olympus Trip 35, priced 1,200 Baht, but it is not in quite a good shape after all. Anyway,I couldn’t stop thinking of that model all the time.

I began to search for the second-handed Olympus Trip 35 on eBay and Google and eventually found the one I think it is the best option at that momuent. (eBay is slightly cheaper but I have to ask my friend to bid and pay for me in advance. It’s not convenient.) Thus, I got the camera from SiamTLR. It is Klongthom again that made me broke in the mid if the month. If I had not gone there, I wouldn’t have paid for this. Boo!

I’m willing to share photos from this camera here after the film is used up and processed.


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