Concert manners

With my stingy habit and limited budget in my pocket, MY NAME IS KIM is my second opportunity to go the live concert. The first one was Six in the City featured by six divas from AF. Despite attending the concert just only two times, I noticed some unpleasant manners, rendering such a hardly-go-to-concert person like me to say something. Please be advised.

1. Punctuality: Once the gate is open, you don’t have to rush into the venue instantly, just take it easy and walk in beauty into the hall. Don’t linger outside or just wait till other go inside. The concert is not a party, so you won’t be in the limelight when you are the last one who enters the place. Most people know the concert starts late, and they thus come late. What if all have this in mind? It’ll be even later.

2. Banner: It’s now common to see the banner in concert, whether big or small. Kindly don’t raise it too long as it probably blocks the vision of other. It’s okay to keep it raised all the time if you sit at the final row.

3. Children: For those who bring baby or children to concert, please look after your children and make sure they won’t annoy the nearby audiences. You may say they are just a kid but why don’t you think conversely? What would feel if you are annoyed? Put yourself in other’s shoes.

4. Leaving the concert: Certain audiences like to stand up and walk out from the concert although the singer has yet ended the last performance. It’s acceptable if you need to get home before the curfew, yet for those who want to catch a taxi before others. I don’t like! Again, how would you feel if many students walk out the classroom while you are lecturing? The singer surely feels the same.

Will add more if I can recognize.


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