Heart Beat

Heart Beat – The latest album from Wang Leehom

Rambling throught my friend’s page on Facebook, I came across the video Heart Beat featured by Wang Leehom. It’s so touched and sentimental. I then kept listening and watching his songs on Youtube and finally like his work. Wow! More songs to be loded in my iPod. I am probably more lively since I haven’t got more new tunes since Izumi-san was no longer on this world.

Wang Leehom is a multi-talented artist. He also gained an international success and won some awards. Anyway, his popularlity seems to be dropped a bit in Thailand thanks to the dancing trends and his increasing age. I listened to the songs in his early albums but I preper his recent voice. Just like ZARD that I prefer her voice when she got old. So, one of my friend asked me why I tend to like aged singers. |o|


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