Ko Kret

The long-history island now becomes the major tourist attraction of Nonthaburi province welcoming load of tourists each weekend.

The island was born in 1722 when a canal was made as a shortcut to bypass Om Kret branch of the Chao Phraya River. The manmade cannel was gradually widened due to the tide of water, and the land was finally separated, becoming an island.

Getting there
Starting from the heart of Bangkok, drag yourself to the Victory Monument and take the bus No. 166 or 505 from Central World till the terminal stop at Pak Kret market. Then, do an exercise by walking to Wat Sanam Neua to take a ferry boat (B2/person) to reach the island. Actually, there are load of options to get on the island. Try Googling and pick the easiest one.

Getting around
Walking is the most effective but you won’t complete the whole thing around the island. Too tried to go on foot? Bicycle (B40/day) is available for rent, but it is pretty hard to cycle through the crowded narrow path along the island. Sightseeing boats (B50/person) is available to take you around the island. It leaves the pier every hour from 9.00am – 5.00pm. This service enables you to reach Ban Khun Aew, the Thai sweet house, and other attractions nearby. Each round takes more or less a hour.

Free deal
If you would like to save your money in the end of month, get yourself to Wat Yai Sawang Arom. The Sub-district Administration Organization of Nonthaburi offers a free boating service to let you pay a visit all nine temples near Ko Kret area. Sat-Sun, 9.00am-2.00am. The service will actually be over in the end of Aug 2009, still it is finally extended for unknown period.

Ko Kret doesn’t have much attraction except the antique temples and the local lives. Crossing the river from Wat Sanam Neua, you will notice the white leaning pagoda with red cloth. Some might feel like déjà vu as you might have seen this scene before in postcard or on the Net. This Mon-style pagoda is owned by Wat Poramaiyikawat, and it now becomes the icon of this island. Apart from this, there are a few Pottery Factories on this land. The island is famed for pottery. Here you can observe the life of a potter. Photography is allowed as well.

Food and drink is sold all over the way you walk on the island. The must-try seem to be Tod Mun No Kala (Fried Fish Patty mixed with local plant) which costs B20/cup and Dok Mai Tod (Deep-fried flowers); B20/cup. Coffee shop can be seen along the path as well but the most striking one seem to be Kafae Ban Lek Tee Nueng. The shop is greenized by plants giving a relaxing feeling, and the refreshment is reasonably priced.


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