Pattani Thailand

Life is so unpredictable. I have never thought of visiting Pattani in such a situation. It was last week that I headed down to Pattani to hold a seminar entitled “The United States and the Muslim World: Implications for Peace in Southern Thailand”. Anyway, this becomes a great opportunity to take photo of certain sight-seeing spots where million of people aren’t  access.

Pattani is one of the deep-south provinces of Thailand where we always hear the news about bomb or any violence took place. Then again, going to Pattani isn’t fearsome as I imagined. People still live their lives normally, walking on the street, riding the bikes, performing the Islamic ritual, and so on.

To get there
Flew to Hat Yai airport and then took the van for about one hour and a half. Driving for a while, check points can be spotted along the road leading to Pattani. The more you go deeper, the more you see a stronger protection. The soldiers wear the armors carrying the gun in hands. The bases are surrounded by the fort. Frankly, I felt a bit shocked but later got used to seeing them.

I didn’t expect the sightseeing after all but, again, it is a rare chance to come here. The beach here is clean and beautiful. The highlight of the trip seems to be Krue Sae Mosque, the historical mosque of the incident on 28 April 2004. The trace of the tragedy could still be seen on the wall of the building. Wat Chang Hai, the renowed temple of the province. Central Mosque, the most colossal and elaborate mosque in the province. Night Market. Pattani night isn’t speepy as you think. People still go out and walk through the night market as usual. Then again, don’t stay too long, for we don’t know what would occur. More soidiers show up in the night time, patrolling around the city.

Local food is a bit spicy yet toothsome. It could be found any where in the city, but the biggest source for the local food is the market, of course. One thing you shouldn’t miss is Cha Chuk (Pulled tea). Sipping hot tea in the afternoon is very perfect. Cha Chuk here is unlike those in Bangkok after all. Its smell, taste, and color are really original. It can be hot or iced, still I recommend the former one to get the pure taste.

Supposing you are going to the deep-south and you don’t want to lost contact, do this. The prepaid phone user have to register with the phone provider (AIS/DTAC/TRUE), or else your number will be automatically locked as long as you are the designated zone. This is for the security reason.

Things in the seminar went quite well. I would like to say million thanks to those who helped me in the seminar. It was such a hectic day In have ever had, and I got so many things from this.


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