Honestly, I have never realized about the harm of the H1N1 influenza till it is around the corner. We always see the news on the first page of the newspaper, and, yes, I am willing to bet several people ignore it. Now, the situation is starting to change.

It was yesterday that I started to feel scared by a quick spread of the deadly flu. I saw the death toll is on the up, and it is likely to continue rising up. The H1N1 flu cases is emerging daily. The aH1N1 alone is dreadful enough, and it becomes more fatal once it is mixed with congenital disease.

To prevent the disease, the crime schools are asked to shut for 15 days. Plus, all concerts might be canceled or postponed. But what I think is why the GOV is trying to cover the news. It is better to warn people so that they can be aware of it and protect themselves in time. Or they need to wait till half of Thais get infected before they consider  it is a time to take a serious action?

Thus, my plan going to AF live concert seems to be cracked. (Still don’t know if concert is allowed this week.)

So now, what we can do is wear a mask once we are in a crowded area. Good luck!


One Response to H1N1

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