New BTS stations, are they foes to someone?

I was yesterday that I went do my errand in Bangrak. Going back home, I chose the minibus service in Klongsan area. Yes, I had to cross the river by ferry boat, and I found something odd happened to it.

BTS has just lunched its two new stations, Kring Thon Buri and Wongwian Yai. That means some passengers can mover over the Chao Phraya River by the sky train. However, I also witnessed the huge impact of this project. It took place so fast.

Uncrowded boat in the evening

As we can normally see, the boats are always loaded with lots of commuters, but there were only a handful of people on the boats yesterday. The pier is no longer busy as always. Some street vendors have vanished. They might move a new location where more people walk past. The heyday of the ferry boat in Sathorn pier has probably gone for good due to the extension of the sky train, BTS.

Hopefully, they won’t close down their business in the near future.


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