Bloodshed Songkran

Falling in the forth month of a calendar, Songkran festival should have been the time most people enjoy splashing water or stay with family and relatives. However, the first day of the festival truned into the war in the heart of Bangkok. Yes, I’m talking about the red-shirt who happened to come protesting and destroy such a special time and the ASIAN Summit Meeting.

Receiving the makes us updated all the time but too much will make us crazy. I admit that I like to hear the news, the news about the red-shirt always came into my ears all the time as my dad always turned on TV for this news and criticized. Honestly, I felt nauseate because of it. Really wished to turn it off suddenly (if I could).

Well, what surprised me most is the government was able to bring the normality back earlier than I thought. The red-shirt moved back and finally ended its protest. Cool! After the crazy things had gone, Songkran festival seemed to be reborn as a great crowds came out to splash water as it should be. Yahoo! The city became lively again. Thanks.

As for me during the festival, my parents and I went to my father’s hometown as always so as to visit our relatives out there. We also had a n opportunity to do Rod Nam Dam Hua ceremony (the ceremony that you pour the water on the elders’ hands and bless them) altogether with the agnate (15-16 people including me) Don’t forget that Songkran thing is not only splashing water but also the time for you and your family. 😉


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