Loy Krathong



Where did you launch your Krathong last night? I did in the canal nearby my home, and I also went out with my peers. In fact, going to Rama 8 bridge was the location we should have gone last night, but we ended up at Arunamarin Temple thanks to the heavy traffic. It was the first time that I tasted the atmosphere of Loy Krathong Festival in the city.



If you are seeking for the place for Loy Krathong Festival next year, I dare say there is no ideal Loy Krathong spot in Bangkok. Most of them are greatly crowded, and it is hard to avoid hitting your arms with stangers in the flood of people.

Once finished, we made our way to the far end of the small street nearby Siriraj Hospital. There we found a ferry service that will boat us to Rama 8 bridge so that we could put our Krathong in Chao Phraya River (B30/person). We  then upgraded our Loy Krathong night by taking that boat with no Krathong after all. It was worthy since we could see the stunning view of Bangkok in night time.

The scenery at Rama 8 last night was second to none. A geat deal of people stood on the bridge looking down at the river, while a few of them released their Kom, another kind of Krathog made from paper which can drift in the air because of the heat. At the foot of the bridge had sparkling light from the candle of Krathong in the river and neon light from the carnival therefrom.


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