Service from hell

Having fisnished an earrand, may parents and I nodded our heads to have an ice cream at the big outlet of Swensen’s on the first foolr Central Pinklao. We spent a few minutes on selecting what we would like to have, and we then ordered. I waited and looked around the outlet, noticing there were a handful of waiters in such an big outlet. Ok, it doesn’t matter. 15 minutes later, and I saw the tables near us were enjoying their ice cream even though they came after us. My dad and I then asked the waitress how such a thing could happen, but you know? She turned a bling eye on us.

I was then getting resentful since our table seemed neglected, and we still had not get our geedunk. We then asked a waitress angrily about the ice cream again. Soon, she came back and told us that our order had not been submitted. Oh man! We sat there several minutes for what? Ok, we tried to calm down and ordered again. What do you expect them to do in this situation? Try to serve icream as fast as they can, don’t you? Don’t expect such a thing from this ice cream franchise since our order had to be in queue again (as if we had just come). Our ice cream were brought on our table in 10 minutes later. My dad asked a waiter why it was so late. Surprisingly, he asked back “what?”, and he sounded underbred.

The chief finally came to apologize us. Gosh! Her words were like a format for a situation like this because she always repeated what she said whenever my dad gave a complaint. Even worse, no complementary drink or icream for us after all. I won’t come back to that shop again. Good-bye

So, be expected to get a bad service if you go to Swensen’s at Central Pinklao!


2 Responses to Service from hell

  1. พีโออาร์ says:

    My poor little pangpond! try Häagen-Dazs next time.
    excellent service with plus plus plus price!!!

  2. bizard says:

    Häagen-Dazs? Only if I have too much money left.

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