Free (shoddy) wifi

Who says there is no free stuff on the earth? I deny this thought. TRUE joins hand with Bangkok giving away free unlimited wifi for Bangkokians (aka Bangkok Green Wifi). I saw the ads around the Victory Monument a couple weeks ago. Oh, it would be great (I thought). So, I went to get a free account for from the information counter at Central Pinklao.

At home, I searched for truewifi signal and, of course, it came up with a rather good strength. I connected and signed up. I worked for about three minutes, and I got cut off. It was always a shift between connected and disconnected till I finally gave up. Another two days, I tried again, hoping it would be much better. Noo I remained the same. It seems I can no longer relay on such a shoddy Internet. You know, even GPRS and EDGE are even faster.

The campaign boasts Bangkok has the highest number of wifi spots in Asia, but it never mentions about the speed or quality. As I mention earlier, free stuff does exist but what about the quality?


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