Klong Thom

Are you seeking for an old stuff or a place to walk in night? Klong Thom might be a top-hole choice for many shoppers. Unlike day time, Klong Thom has countless shops opening after the sun goes down. Of course, they mainly roll out things like gadgets and old stuff. Yeah, I was amazed with these new things, and I dragged myself throughout all alleys even if I was a bit tried. It was fun, though. Actually, I printed out a map of Klong Thom, but I still lost. Having ask someone, I had to walk back so long and found I have just strolled around that area few minuted ago. Ha Ha… Ok, I was willing to buy a toy camera there. There are a lot of shop that lay on a pile of used stuff, still many people are interested it. As you can expect, the stuff is cheap, but you should detect carefully whether it is malfunction or not. I saw some toy cameras, but they weren’t in a good condition. Then, I walked on.

Unfortuinately, things would have gone smoothly if I had not rained. It rained heavily as I was searching a camera from a pile of stuff, and I had to take a cover for more than 45 minutes. Centainly, all shops had to cover their items, put them in sacks, and go back home as soon as it stopped raining. Who would stay? Oh man! I didn’t get a camera, and I was wet!


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