AF the musical Jojo-San (aka Madama Butterfly) is scheduled to perform on stage in next two months. Now, True make their best effort to promote the musical by running its ads at alomost every short breaks. You know, it’s quite annoying to hear the same songs again and again. Still, I think they did a good job on the tunes. They rearranged it in Thai version and it sounds pretty good.

Ok, this musical might be more successful than the former one, Ngoen Ngoen Ngoen. There’re up to 19 rounds throughout a month. And yet, their secret weapon seems to be the “double castings”. What’s it? They offer two sets of the actors playing on stage. So, you can choose the set which you prefer.

I had a chance to go Jojo-San press con last month and found it’s rather interesting. I would like to witness the show as well but what made me change my mind is the costly tickets, B1,000-3,500. Ooh! It isn’t a small price to pay.

Jojo-San press conference


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