Koh Chang

My family and I made a three-day trip to Koh Chang last weekend. Anyhow, the weather was unlikely to uphold our trip as it was cloudy all three days. If you are looking for a simple restaurant yet serving tasty dishes, I would like to recommend Krou Chao Koh locating near ferry pier.

The island is inhibited by a few local people. The majority of people are from Cambodia. Unlike Phuket, Koh Chang retains a huge number of trees but I don’t know what the island will be after 10 years because I saw many hotels and resorts are under construction phrase and it now has up to 10 convenient stores (Seven Eleven) on the island.

Lots of trees along the road.

The second day was more awful for us as the weather got worse, so we couldn’t go snockling. The hotel offer to take us to white sand beach for free and we nodded our heads to go. But what disappointed me is the condition of the sand. I expected to walk on the whit beach and play the cystal-clear water but the sand and the sea were muddy at that time. I later know that it would be like this during these two or three month. Soon, it started raining and we thus had to go back to the hotel and stayed in our rooms. Then again, the hotel compensated by offering 60-minute spa for each person.

Some facilities on the island.

Some buildings are under construction.

Where’s white sand?

The last day on Koh Chang was the worst as the sky was very dark and it rained in the moring. We decided to go back to the mainland as soon as possible. Sitting the the ferry, I looked back to Koh Chang as a welfare and I saw the top of the island was covered by the dark cloud.

The cloudy island!

I would like to visit the island again but the weather must be good!


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  1. absp says:

    oh, my poor little boy!

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