One vote can make a dream come true

By Kanungpim ‘Nim’ Promkorn
AF5 contestant (V9)

Nim (V9)

It’s commonly understood that women are at a disadvantage in a contest decided by popular vote.

The majority of viewers are female, and they mostly vote for male contestants. Worse, some male viewers think voting for a reality show is stupid.

I’d just like to say one vote means a lot to our dreams. Women contestants do want to have their dreams come true. I’d like to ask viewers to open their hearts to us and judge us on our performance and talent.

Reference: DailyXpress; published on May 31, 2008

Unfortunately, she happened to be the first contestant to walk out from the AF house though she did a good job on stage. Her words seemingly weren’t delivered to the majority of people. This has been proven that her words are ture but what shocked me is the moment that her name was declared. I felt sorry for her failure to go no but chance might come back to her as long as AF5 isn’t over. There’ll be more surprises to come. Don’t give up!


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