Last night might be such a very exciting night for many ready-to-be freshies. Lots of students might be over the moon, while some might be disappointed. Alright, it’s fine if you want to cry out but don’t give up. There’re still many ways you can choose and you’ll find your own very soon. It recalls me the moment that I found out I could pass it. Don’t know how to describe…it was very wonderful though. Don’t think I never fall the exam. Of course, I did. I felt disappointed and didn’t feel like doing anything, yet I soon felt better. It’s not all our whole lives, isn’t it?

Another thing I would like to talk about is the technology revolution. It’s likely to replace many things in our basis lives. For example, the telegram service of Thailand was aborted because there’re many options for us to contact one another, and it’s even more faster and cheaper. Yeah, another one is connected with the exam announcement. As I brought up earlier about the admission, now students can check the result on the Internet. Okay, I accept it’s comfy for us but my mom said, “This year isn’t fun. No one went out to see the result by themselves like few years ago.” Hearing that, I agreed with her. We saw those who went to see their results were dancing and singing along with their seniors. What about today? They just logged in to check scores from homes. Nahhh…I hope I could see those pictures again on the telly tomorrow.


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