Farewell to telegrams

We’re in 2008. Loads of innovative gadgets become necessary making our lives more convenience. What would you do if you want to contact someone? Just grab up your cell phone to dial at somebody or send an SMS, send an e-mail or just go online to chat with your friend on MSN, Skype, or other IM. Yeah, that’s why Thailand Post has officially canceled the telegrams service. I went to the central post office this afternoon to send a message by telegrams for the first and final time. Walking into the building, I was shocked by a long queue and nearly gave up, yet I couldn’t because I had decided to come. I got a piece of brown paper and filled up the information like my name, address and a destination. As I brought up, the queue was rather long and each one didn’t have only one piece of paper. They had about four or five! That’s not all…I suddenly knew why few people use the telegrams. The process is quite complicated. The postman had to check everything in the paper–destination code, number of words, for example, and it’s rather expensive. The shot message that I wanted to send cost me about 20B. (See? Even the mail is cheaper) You know?, I had to wait about almost two hours to submit mine. There’s no surprise why the telegrams is to be withdrawn. From May, 1 2008 on, the telegrams will be just a history in our memories. Bye bye telegrams…


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