A new year

Yesterday is the beginning of the year. You know, I have just had a chance to count down in front of the television. I ususlly went to Nahkonsawan to visit my relatives, and there is no television in the room where I rest. That’s why I never stay till midnight. (I have nothing to do except sleeping) Well, I wish this year would be a happier year. Last year was pretty bad for me. Such a tragic is still fresh in my memory. Of course, it is about Izumi Sakai’s death. It has been about 6 months after her death. Ok, I will try no to think of it. ^^

Anyway, a bad news came with the dawn of today. HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, the King’s elder sister, has passed away. I heard the news when my mother talking with my aunt and grandmother downstairs. I  could no longer sleep and thought about this incident. What will happen next? Of course, we all will be mournful. Death is really around us. We can do nothing.


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