A bad day

Today, my life shold have gone smoothly if this incident did not happen. I was responsible for making a presentation slide (Powerpoint) last night. I did not have a flash drive as my friend borrowed it, so I had to save to CD instead. Before the presentation started, I was willing to transfer it into the laptop, still the the CD drive did not run. ( I don’t know why. -_-)

I suddenly dashed off to the library to have a file copied to the flash drive. I was in half-walked-and-run all the way back to the class. Wanna throw out that laptop. >:-|


One Response to A bad day

  1. absp says:

    woow… why don’t you tell about this site before?

    Thank you for your comment. Your site is soเริ่ดๆ, too!

    Keep posting,boy!

    ps. Is that trouble-maker you mentioned is Beer? ‘Coz she came to my dorm last night out of the blue to print her presentation file in the last minute via (may be your) flash drive. What a responsible girl she is!

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