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Walking back to a table, one of my friend asked me “How Izumi-san died?” I then explained everything I read from the news that it was an accident. This question brought back my feeling on the first day I learned the news. I still remember the moment I visited the forum and found it. Some might think it was not an accident, but a suicide. For me, I think it was an accident because I know she could never do such a thing like that. I do not believe the person who had a plan to release a new album, hold a concert in the late 2007 would commit suicide. The thing made me confident it is an accident is that the diary of the patient who was treated in the same hospital as Izumi-san was.

Here is a summary of the message written by that patient
The female patient is a divorced mother of one child and has a daily routine of talking a walk together with several other people in the early morning, to see the sunrise. One early morning day, she suddenly noticed Izumi among the other people. But since there were so many people she didn’t get a chance to speak Izumi. It’s only after the walk when they go to the emergency stairs where she could chat with Izumi, while watching the sunrise together. Not long thereafter the patient’s condition worsened, preventing her from taking her daily walk. And because Izumi didn’t see her for a few days, she went to visit her in her room. It was then that Izumi sang Makenaide for her to cheer her up. The patient is originally a Glay fan and wasn’t so much interested in ZARD. But upon hearing Izumi’s wondeful voice, that gave her courage to live on, she became an instant fan. She concludes by saying that because Izumi was such a kindhearted person, her fans must be all wonderful people too. This all was posted using the nickname: “Mama who gets courage to live”.

I am no longer depressed since she left us a lot, like a beautiful songs and memory. I listen to her songs almost every day. Her songs always fill up my energy. They help me a lot when I was weary or stressful.

May you rest in peace

Don’t be
dismayed at good-byes.
A farewell is necessary before
you can meet again.

And meeting again,
after moments or lifetimes,
is certain for those
who are friends.

Richard Bach
Illusions, The Adventure of a Reluctant Messiah


3 Responses to ZARD

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  2. WILLIAM says:

    There were some reasonable fact/info to show that the incident happening to ZARD – Izumi Sakai was not by suicide or slip. Another possibility might be somebody bumping against her.

    To see more please go to the URL:

  3. Barron says:

    I remember when my wife told me she had died. It was pretty shocking. I still listen to ZARD everyday.

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