Acadamy Fantasia#4

Some of you might have known what Acadamy Fantasia is. Acadamy Fantasia, also known as AF, is a kind of reality show which let twelve contestants live in a home, and they are required to do all activities privided by its staff. The contestant who has the lowest score have to go out of the home every week.

I always watch AF every year, of course each season is unique. But this year, why I do not feel interested in it as usual? Frankly, I, probably others, still cannot see the favourite of AF4. Actually, many say V12 might be the winner. If so, I cannot accept that, he is lazy and kind of trouble maker, while the winners of those previous seasons are acceptable.

I agree with the fact that singing ability of the contestants in this season is better than those of previous seasons, but I still do not like. I think they lack of something when they are on the stage.


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