Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Last Saturday, I had a chance to see Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix with my mom. The movie was shorten to two hours, and the polt is OK. Of course, some details from the book cannot be seen due to a limited time. However, I think they should make either two-and-half-hour or three-hour movie. Of all HP movies, the second episode, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret, remains my most favourite.

This Saturday might be the day that everyone are waiting for. The last book of Harry Potter will be on sale. Lots of rumours are spreaded every where. Certainly, two people are going to die in the last book. If you ask me, one of them might be Voldemort, and another probably Harry. Anyway, all questions will be exposed on July, 21 2007. ^^

For Thai version, Nanmeebooks are planning to release on December, 08 2007, and the advance booking will be embraced on July, 27 2007 onward.


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