It’s really hot here…

Yaakkkk…. The weather is getting hot every day. I am sick of a summer, except a long holodays. ^^ It is the only good thing in the summer. There is about one month left before a new semester starts. Though I look forward to seeing my friends, I do not want to experience such a tough moment, especially a period before an exam.

I am currently downloading Justice League Unlimited Season 1-5. The total size is 12.88 GB. (very giantic, isn’t it? :P) I have downloaded since March. Now, it reaches 34.1%.


2 Responses to It’s really hot here…

  1. Kafaak says:

    12.88GB is pretty large size, but with today’s high speed internet (1Mbps perhaps), I think you can finish it in not more than 5 days. So, I recommend you to subscribe it.

  2. bizard says:

    I have downloaded since March, but has not finished yet. The download speed via Bittorren is 23 kbps on average. I almost reach 50% though.

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