Thailand Commart 2007

I got up quite early this morning, at 6.15, because of the sound of my mother’s cell phone. Then, I could not force myself to sleep again, so I watched TV. At 10.30, left home to Commart, I was going to look for a new mp3 player there. All products in this event are discounted. It is the best place for shopping any kind of gadget at this moment. Before getting there, I dropped by Saphanlek to search for something. 😛 Then, I walked to Khlongtom but bought nothing. Then, I went didrctly to Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. It was very crowed there. I got iriver t30 (512 Mb) and Creative Speakers.
It took me quite a long time to search for this mp3. I had to walk walk walk and walk. I felt really exhausted when I got home. :p

I have to go there agin soon. The Book Expo is coming up…


2 Responses to Thailand Commart 2007

  1. Beer says:

    U are really good at English , especially , writting . U are bound to be A good student ,too . Maybe , I will visit your blog frequently if u don ‘ t mind .

    I am new with writing and just beginner .


  2. bizard says:

    I am not good enough. There are some mistakes in the story, like misspellings. Need to practice more. ^^ and thanks for your nice comment.

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