Premature Death

Elvis Presley – 42
Teresa Teng – 42
Izumi Sakai – 40
Michael Jackson – 50
For all I know, above are the artists who are too young to die.

And on Feb 9, 2012, the world was deprived of another great diva, Whitney Houston (48). She was found dead in Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California, making her best-selling single “I Will Always Love You” rocket up to the top of all music charts.

Every single artist’s premature death always recalls the tragedy of my forever-the-best artist. Now, I start to wonder why Gods like to take them so early. Do Gods would like to appreciate their voice closely on the heaven?

May you all artists rest in peace and thanks for your invaluable work.


Home Away

Life is always filled with the unexpected. Who would imagine one day I have to be away from my home this long. It was due to the devastating flood in in Bangkok last year. The water started to creep to Bangkok, but, like many other Bangkokians, I had never thought our beloved home would be submerged. (Outer) Bangkok was entirely under water!

It was the Wednesday 26, 2011 night that my home was attacked by the flood. The water kept increasing gradually the whole night. Eventually, in the morning all decided to evacuated to the safe place. We escaped timely and the road was cut off by the worst flood soon after we left. It was the worst nightmare I ever had, and I suddenly realized the power of natural disaster. There were so many hurdles we had to overcome during our escape, such as my sick grandmother and the naughty dog.

All were settled soon, but the nightmare had yet ended after the flood had gone. Home was badly damaged. The entire first floor needs to be reconstructed. It is expected to take at least three months from now on to be back home.

Now, it has been almost three months that I am staying with my dad and will see my mom and aunt at the rent room near my home on weekend only. Grand mom is staying at an elderly center, while the dog is left with my relatives in Nakhon Sawan. To be honest without being shy, sometimes I want to cry out. I do miss home a lot, and I truly believe the saying “No place is like home”. Look forward to returning and staying home with all members again soon! ;(

4th Year

While most teenagers are crazy about K-pop, I happen to go against the mainstream with J-pop. It is not because I want to be outstanding or something, but it is absolutely my personal preference. I have listened to J-pop for a few years even though I don’t get the their translations. They sound smart and have distinct characteristics for some reasons. Recently, I got to listen to some more J-pop singers, but my topmost artist remains intact–yes, I’m talking about ZARD.

Izumi Sakai

ZARD or Izumi Sakai is not like other singers I have known. Her song, style, and personality are all that could not be easily found. Unfortunately, I was her pukka fan only three years before she left me for good.

The afternoon of May 27 four years ago was the moment I learned I would no longer hear her new songs.  Even though Izumi-san has passed away since 2007, her songs are still the valuable assets for a number of fans. Her masterpiece Makenaide remains a key role in encouraging the those in trouble. For instance, the Japaneses enduring the consequence of the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011.

And yet, Wezard never stops. Some ZARD movements have been continuously launched after her death. In 2011, Wezard releases a special album, featuring all of her singles, and three more live DVDs, ZARD What a beautiful memory 2007, 2008, and 2009.

So far, it has been four years since she passed away.  Her songs never fade away with the passage of time. Thank you for your inspiration.

Ugly Songkran

Songkran Festival, also known as Thai New Year, is famed for the water-splashing activity, annually attracting load of tourists from all over the globe to visit the Land of Smile. Thai New Year Days typically fall on 13 14 and 15 of April each year. People usually splash water each other to lessen the heat during summer. The trowing of water is not, however, the major activity of the celebration. Songkran is traditionally a time to visit and pay respects to elders, including family members, friends, neighbors, and monks.

Regarding Bangkok, the most famous spot to enjoy the festival seems to be Kao San Road, but the Silom Road is also becoming more popular thanks to its prime location.

I haven’t went out to join them for a few years. Perhaps, I think the Songkran tradition become more and more deteriorated. [You can close this window right away unless you want to acknowledge the dark side of the beautiful culture.]More teen gangsters emerged, and they were everywhere during the festival. Don’t know where the hell they cam from. They were mad, and tended to throw water to almost everyone with no care. I was very excited while I sat on the bus. I was safe thanks to the closed windows, but I felt sorry for those who sat near the opened windows. (Wondered why they didn’t just close.) Yes, they were wet. Besides, I noticed every spots that played Songkran would have bottles of alcohol. They played music aloud, danced, and some showed the inappropriate manners. It didn’t look smart after all!

The worst thing can’t be anything but the violent quarrel in Silom. Songkran in Silom in the old days were glorious, but it has been dominated by teen gangsters recently. I heard there were so many quarrels took place in Silom area, and they even fired the gun! I can’t believe such an incident would occur in the business zone in Bangkok.

Players should have better common sense, knowing what right or wrong is. I’m not in the position to ask them to comply with my request. At least, I wish I would see the better Songkran next year. And lastly, Happy (Thai) New Year.

Special Tribute to Japanese Earthquake in 2011

Here is my special tribute to all Japaneses who are suffering the loss thanks to the massive earthquake. Just finished it last night. It know easier said than done, but at least please let me encourage you guys.

I believe in your potential and strong spirit to recover from the severely-wounded pain. Please keep running. I’m watching you.

PS. Thanks my favourite artist ZARD (Izumi Sakai) for the song and Takehiko Inoue for the illustrations.


It was last night that I was first eligible to upgrade iPhone firmware to version 4.3. I normally do not do the update unless the new patch comes with more smart feature.

Having waited for almost an hour to download around 660 MB of the new iOS, my phone got a new ability Personal Hotspot.

From now on, my phone can serve as a small router enabling up to five devices to connect to the Internet via EDGE or Wi-fi. I have been looking forward to this feature for long!